‘Jesus blessed the little children . . . ’



Yes, despite coronavirus we are delighted to be offering baptisms, with appropriate care being taken, and the number of those attending perhaps restricted due to Government coronavirus rules. Please ask when you make your enquiry.
We hope if you are interested in enquiring about baptism ( or are just curious) for your baby or child, or for yourself, that you will click the link below to find out more.

He also continues to bless them, today through many ways. One of the ways in which the church blesses is through baptism.

Baptism is a very ancient way of the church welcoming people of all ages into the life of the church. It includes the symbolic washing with water, lighting a candle and signing with the cross in oil. Also, making of promises before God and the congregation to live out that life as a follower of Christ.

The church takes those promises seriously and so baptism takes place within the service on any given Sunday. Children are included in this service and may be baptised when parents and godparents make the promises to faithfully raise their children as followers of Christ. Godparents who have been asked to say these promises must be baptised themselves, in a Christian denomination.

We welcome any person who wishes to consider baptism and would be happy to discuss this.

Click Here to email us regarding baptisms.