Getting Married at St John's Anglican Church

wedding photo

Even with coronovirus restrictions, we are still able to have weddings in our lovely church. The Government may alter from time to time the number of people we are allowed to have inside our church. Please ask about this when you make your enquiry. (Details below.) We look forward to hearing from you!

The original St John's Anglican Church was built in 1869. The present building was constructed in 1907 and is a charming brick church with great atmosphere and warmth. The church can be decorated in the colour of the day. The building is well lit, and has an organ, piano, sound system and data projector.

The church is central to Lambton Park with beautiful land, trees and gardens. The building can accommodate approximately 100 people. The hall is adjacent to the church, with a kitchen, toilets and plenty of room if required.

Your Special Place

Of course you can also request to have your marriage performed at the place of your choosing. There are many great locations in Lambton and surrounds. One advantage of being married by the clergy at your special place is you always have a church building as a back up in case the weather is unreasonable.

Please remember a wedding outside of the church building by an Anglican priest requires the permission of the Bishop. We need to be notified in plenty of time.

The Notice of Intention needs to be filled in no more than six months and no less than a month prior to the wedding, although booking the wedding, etc can be done in advance.

Click Here to enquire about getting married in the Anglican Parish of Lambton.